Parable of the Lost Sheep - Mother of Pearl Necklace


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Based on the Parable of the Lost Sheep!

In a land of green hills, under a sky wide and blue.
there was a shepherd, kind hearted and true.
One hundred sheep were in his care,
But one day he found, one was not there.

Ninety-nine sheep, safe in the fold,
but one little lamb, was out in the cold.
The shepherd, worried, with a heart so kind,
Left the ninety-nine, the lost one to find.

Through the valleys and hills, under the sun's hot sweep,
He searched and called for his missing sheep.
Until at last, in a spot quite steep,
He found the lost lamb, tired and asleep.

With joy in his heart, and a smile so wide,
He lifted the lamb, and held it with pride.
Back to the flock, with a heart so full,
He brought the lost lamb, feeling wonderful.

And the shepherd said, with a voice so sweet,
"Rejoice with me, for my flock's now complete!
Even though I had ninety-nine, safe and found,
The one that was lost, now is found."

God's love for us, so vast and unbound,
like the shepherd with the sheep,
He searches and calls, for each one of us.
Whenever we fall.

Product Details

  • Chain length: 42cm + 8cm extender (16.5in + 3in extender)
  • Sheep Size - 12mm || 1.2cm
  • Crafted from Stainless Steel, because your faith deserves to shine forever, never tarnishing.
  • Waterproof! 
  • Hypoallergenic for your comfort - no green fingers or itchy skin here.
  • Glimmering Mother of Pearl Center!

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We don’t want your special moment to fade.
To maintain the quality of your new faith jewelry, please:

- Avoid contact with perfumes, body oils, and other chemicals, including household cleaners.
- Remove when sleeping, exercising, or doing other physically strenuous activities
- Do not wear it to the pool, spa, or the beach
- Do not use chemical jewelry cleaners
- Gently polish with a soft, lint-free cloth.

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